I’ve been fooling around with sounds since I am a little kid. It started with cassette recorders. Later my family at home were early with pc and that opened a big sonic world of possibilities for me. Me and my brother used to change the audio files for games. Later I found software to cut samples and recordings. Then later came composing software when I was 13 and thats when I fell in the black hole of sound. Playing with sound never ended.

Dream studio setup

These are recent sounds I made in my recently completed studio which consists of digital and analog synthesizers, drum machines and hardware effects.

I have been chasing for beautiful hardware for many years to work with to get satisfying high quality sound. My choices in equipment were all based on the quality of sound and not the many functions. There is a lot of equipment on the market that keeps growing but an experienced ear will hear definitely the difference next to the fact its a matter of taste. The synths I use are the ones I personally believe sound the best. Sometimes you need a cheap sound for the right job ofcourse but this setup is just a dream for me. Listen with good headphones.

Virtual Reality and Binaural Tools

I’m intrigued buy the use of binaural tools to make it seem like sound is coming from everywhere around you when using a headphone. This is an example of what you can do with binaural tools. You can hear the instruments go to places. This project also involved making a MAXMSP patch. With MAXMSP you can create advanced tools to automate sound by make rules and algorithms. I also own a set of binaural headphones. This means you can record sound with micrphones in your ear. So when you listen back with headphones its like you are exactly on the spot were the recording took place.

Pure computer and samples. Electronic composing.

This project took a lot of time. In this project a lot of my knowledge about how to cut samples and work with software synths an a big amount of automation clips.

The Machete Nightclub

A slightly theatrical psychedelic rock band with Tarantino movie tastes.

I played percussion in this project. The album wil come out any time soon.

Glibber en Glebber

I’ve been working with Ben Wallet multiple times. He is a good friend and we always make a good combination. In this album I use my voice and played drums. I played drums since I’m 15 and this has been a strong base of my musical development.

‘Around The World’ composed by Luuk Arndts

I play different percussion instruments and flute

Here below you’ll find some random works I’ve made for myself to explore.