Sound installations


A sound installation in cooperation with Tena Lazarevic and the iii Den Haag.

Zingend Rood

Harry de Wit and me were invited for the project.


This project is a combination of things I like. Robotics and tuning steel. In this period of time the bases were learned in tuning steel which ended up in my company.

Guitar Mill

A fast made sound installation By me and Jochem de Wit for the Sonsbeek Park festival Arnhem.


Sander Haakman
Nick Lammertyn

Is an experimental theater piece in which the technique of the OCZ NIA is in central. OCZ NIA is a brain-wave volt meter that measures brain activity and facial expressions.

These volt data communicates with a Max-MSP patch (written by Nick Lammertyn) connected to virtual musical instruments. What you can do with this complete system is sound-manipulating with thought control.

In this exciting piece of theater you’ll see an actor beeing tortured by pain, light flashes and many other irritations.

Kidnapped shows that not only acting in the exterior, but may have to be in such a way with the method acting, also the interior of an actor can be used.


Is a multi-speaker installation by Sander Haakman and me.

Modified speakers are the instruments.

Exhibited in a basement full reverberant the speakers ensure resonating moments, clapping on metal plates, metal vibrates and rhythms on solid metal bars.

All this is done 360 degrees around you in a grim mood.