Sound tracks

Living by Nature:

Ive studied video film before I went to study sounddesign. And I just love to think about how to tell a story and make the right soundtrack for it. Getting the opportunity to go to Sweden and learn about bushcraft was great. I took my Sounddevices fieldmixer/recorder with me and a collection of microphones (Sanken CMS9, Schoeps CMXY, Sennheiser MKH416, Audio technica BP 4025).
After getting the full montage of the video and make the total soundtrack is one of the most satisfying things to do.


Sky is nine years old and has a significant hearing impairment. He tries hard to participate in his class which is full of good hearing children, but he often feels powerless and misunderstood. He thinks the outsiders don’t understand him, but does he understand them?

In this short documentary we observe Sky during and after schooltime as he tries to maintain grip on his environment.


Vorig jaar ging onze korte documentaire ‘SKY’ in premiere en sindsdien draait hij regelmatig op filmfestivals. Komend weekend gaat Loes naar Inclus filmfestival in Barcelona!Geluid AAN en kijken maar 🙂

Geplaatst door Vis Film Producties op Vrijdag 1 december 2017

In this project the client wanted to have 2 famous songs in this track but not the songs themselves .The songs had to sound close to these. This is what you call a Sound A Like
Can you recognize these songs?

Its fun to parse a song and check which elements are in there and then recreate the instruments sounds used in the original.